living, working, playing in pursuit of possibility.


Oh Sierra is a global creative agency grounded in community, exploration, an unabashed boldness of being, and a balance of work and play. We founded this business to achieve freedom and autonomy over our lives, to connect more deeply with the humans in our community, and to travel the world while bringing their dreams to life, every day. 

In 2020, we packed our bags and moved to Tulum, Mexico — a bold leap to expand our global perspective. Just months later, we introduced our first boutique rental property, The Oh Sierra Swim Club: a destination for possibility and a space built to live, play, and work. 

Today, we lead Oh Sierra, a bi-coastal (often Tulum-based) communications agency and worldwide community. We know that you can achieve so much more for your business and your life when you have people in your corner who give a shit, and we aren’t interested in charging a fortune to create something that you don’t understand or can’t realistically apply. Through immersive collaboration, we’re here to show you that by having a passionate, deep understanding of who your brand speaks to and what it represents, you will achieve greater success and build a stronger community. We serve not just as your creative team, but as a powerful hub of knowledge, experience, online community building, and connection.

As a married couple running a business together, people often ask us what it's like to work so closely. We were only together for 6 months before we started our business, so our answer is usually, "what's it like not to?" It’s hard to define the boundary between our work and personal life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Oh Sierra” is the name of “OUR SONG” which is a huge part of the Appleyard love story — an anchor that reminds us of our unity and our love for our lives together, through everything we create.



+ Being near the ocean
+ Laughing 'til she cries
+ Over-sized t-shirts
+ Living in the moment
+ The market on Saturday morning
+ Face masks with her coffee
+ Exercising for joy

+ Visualizing the big picture
+ Being "the ideas person"
+ Compassionate communication
+ Looking on the bright side
+ Fostering vulnerable human connection
+ Hyping you up about your potential






Gazing at palm trees +
Making really good coffee +
Random facts +
Organizing literally anything +
Peanut butter all over his life +
Reading the news +
Leeds United +

Keeping the team on point +
Developing introspective strategy +
Taglines + campaign slogans +
All things logistical and tech support +
Forging a bond with businesses +
Remembering that thing you forgot +

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Xanthe’s philosophy on life influences her approach to business: we aren’t drawn to people because of what they do, but rather who they are. As a creative, mentor, and speaker, she generously shares why communication is equally important to brand-building as visuals, what it takes to build a connected community, and how to take bold action towards your long-term vision. 

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Whether you have a physical location or not, we all have some lessons to learn from the “surprise and delight” mantra of the hospitality industry.

In this conversation, Xanthe explains why good branding isn’t a bandaid for bad business, how to treat your client as a guest even if you never meet them in person, and when automation can actually backfire.


Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok are great business tools, but is the constant inundation of brand activity hindering our ability to share who we really are?

In this talk, Xanthe shares why life experience is just as important to the creative process as refining your skills, being honest with yourself when you’re in your own way, and how to create alignment in life and business.


When you want to create something substantial, the weight of the dream alone can feel too overwhelming to admit out loud. But when we assume what’s possible for others just isn’t for us, all we’re doing is delaying all chances to succeed.

Sharing personal stories from her own trajectory, Xanthe is here to help anyone struggling to fit in when what they envision is anything but ordinary.

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