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Welcome, Friend –

We’re Xanthe + Frank Appleyard, the partners behind Oh Sierra – and we’ve got a confession for ya:

This entry was created to celebrate the relaunch of our brand, which has been simultaneously the most natural, and most terrifying, chapter for us yet.

Yes, scarier than:
• Quitting both our jobs and starting a creative business from scratch
• Buying a neglected property in Mexico, packing everything we owned into four suitcases and moving there
• Renovating that space and announcing it to the world as a vacation rental property
• Expanding and cultivating our agency team to include a group of brilliant creatives whose income we’re responsible for
• Investing in the pursuit of our U.S. visa so we can actualize our vision of establishing ourselves in LA


We’ve been up to a lot of scary sh*t since we opened this agency in 2017. 

So, why does this leap trump all the others? 

Because, it’s the dream – and we’re doing it differently.

Much like our lives, we chose to build this next phase of our agency away from the *shoulds* and the *buts* and the *things-everyone-else-is-doing.* 

Instead, we chose to build it on what’s POSSIBLE.
For us — and for you. 

We believe that POSSIBILITY begins when we act outside of the expected. 

This action is not always intricate — in fact, we’ve learned, most of the time it’s obvious. 

Unhappy with your job? Leave.
Feeling misaligned with where you live? Move.
Uninspired by what surrounds you? Travel.

We know that doesn’t make it any less difficult. 
And, it requires you to decide.
It’s the DECIDING to do things differently that’s the scariest part. 

Oh Sierra exists to challenge that fear and help carry YOU — our client — to the other side of it. 

We do this by challenging ourselves (sometimes too frequently) to step outside what’s comfortable.

And this launch is... that. 

With this fresh page comes new fears, new shoulds, new what-ifs, but mostly: new opportunity. And our intent is to embody this reminder in everything that comes next. 

Here’s what you can expect, as we get comfortable (but never complacent) in this new chapter:

Agency services, developed to support your business from conception through continued momentum  
Monthly + weekly email editorials, keeping you looped in on what’s catching our attention (and what’s next)
An ongoing Travel Diary, chronicling our experiences with hospitality around the world
Merchandise and other tangible opportunities to engage with us

Throughout these elements – and all we create – we focus on a set of anchoring beliefs. These same beliefs are at the core of the shifts we encourage within our client community, our team, and our lives.

We believe every brand is a hospitality brand. 
We believe delight, pleasure, and indulgence have a place in all industries. 
We believe there is no amount of design that can make up for a negative experience. 
We believe every customer should be treated as a guest. 
We believe the most important conversations happen at the dinner table.
We believe that our knowledge, gleaned through experience, informs not just good branding, but good business. 
We believe that if your goal isn’t to offer a truly enjoyable experience every step in the way – you’re in it for the wrong reasons. (Or, at minimum, you’ve come to the wrong place).

Welcome to Oh Sierra. 
Part agency – part perspective. 
A catalyst for what you’re capable of. 

Ready to see what’s possible with our team at your table? Inquire here.


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