Empowered Embodiment, Culture of Compassion

ROYOLA // Brand + Website Design

The Robin Lacambra (ROYOLA) brand uses a myriad of tools to help people understand their worth, trust their intuition, and believe they belong to something greater than themselves. The branding – and associated imagery – should present a vulnerability that oozes self-awareness, of being present with yourself so you can connect more deeply to others. Shadow play serves to remind the audience that there is comfort in the dark but strength in the light. The ROYOLA brand roots in a grounded earthiness, with a significant emphasis on being minimalist, intentional, calming, and sophisticated. Although there is an airy-ness to it, brand elements are always executed with a sense of purpose and power.

Learn more about Robin + view the Squarespace website design here.

January 6, 2021

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