As the founders of Oh Sierra – a global creative communications agency and worldwide community – there is one lesson we carry with us no matter which direction our business shifts: Genuine relationships are the whole fucking point. 

While achieving global reach sounds sexy, running a remote creative business can be incredibly isolating. Thriving in this space hinges on releasing the high-pressure shoulds and exhausted how-tos of the digital creative world and replacing them with access to a global support network and transparent mentorship.

Today we run our business from Los Angeles, while travelling between Mexico, Canada, and beyond – but our growth, success, and passion for what we do wouldn't be possible without the local community that raised us. This platform exists to give you that same foundation: a space where creative entrepreneurs come together to explore what it means to do life differently, in favour of a culture where work is play. 

"Genuine relationships are the whole fucking point."



001. Business Education for Creatives

Monthly group mentorship sessions, guest speakers, evergreen educational content, strategic planning templates, challenges, and resources take the guesswork out of growing your business beyond a side gig.

002. A Global Network for Local Community

Through facilitated conversations with folks from across the world, our platform allows you to filter by region so that you can find collaborative, supportive, creative relationships close to you — or in the next city you’ll be visiting. 

003. Remote Lifestyle Tips + Tools

With travel guides for entrepreneurs, global updates, contextual trend reports, recipes inspired by our own adventures, and exclusive brand partnership perks, we support you in building a business that allows you to explore + experience the world. 

004. Collaborative Content Tailored to Your Goals

Led by us, but informed by you. We resource our members to craft tailored content, ensuring we're showing up with exactly what you need support with.


+ Live Group Mentorship Sessions
+ Strategic planning templates, challenges, and resources to support the growth of your business
+ Context, an exclusive report on current events and how they connect to your brand
+ A monthly recipe, to experience at YOUR table
+ An evergreen library of exclusive educational videos
+ Ongoing conversation to connect in community


+ Live guest educators
+ Evergreen education video library updates
+ Travel guides geared towards remote working + playing
+ Brand partnership bonuses
+ IRL meetup opportunities

A place to shoot the shit,
talk shop,
and support
each other.



+ Live Group Mentorship Sessions
+ Strategic resources and templates
+ Tangible reports on current events
+ A monthly recipe (for YOUR table!)
+ A library of educational videos
+ Ongoing conversations and connection


+ Live guest educators
+ Education video library updates
+ Travel guides for working and playing
+ Brand partnership bonuses
+ IRL meetup opportunities

access a foundation of support That allows you to show up in both business and life as your most inspired self.