Our Toxic Trait is Inviting Someone Over For Dinner After Meeting Them Once On The Internet. You Hungry?

Together, we help leaders and brands harness the potent power of community – online and IRL – through content marketing strategy, collaborative events, and creative spaces.

In January 2020, we made a decision that changed the course of our business and as a result, our lives. 

We had owned Oh Sierra for 2 years, thriving with mostly local clients through word of mouth and support from the community we’d grown up with. We had around 1000 followers on Instagram, and the most ‘global’ we’d gotten was when one of our existing clients moved to another province (it felt SO worldly, at the time). But entering that new year, something changed.

Our dreams kept leading us back to the idea of travel, expansion, exploration. Cultivating our network on a wider scale, creating that cozy *feeling* of local support amid the often-lonely worldwide stage of digital entrepreneurship. That new year, our resolution was to stop hiding behind our brand, and start leading it. Step one: showing up on video. 

This was the pre-Reels and TikTok era, so the best way to get to show your face on social media was in Instagram stories (IMHO, it still is) so we decided to show up daily, for 30 days, and talk directly to the camera. *Ew.*

We were terrified, so we asked our community to join us. 

This simple ask – a challenge we ideated with zero expectation – became an exponential catalyst for global connection.

Within days we gained the confidence we were seeking. Within weeks our following doubled, stacked with quality connections. By the end of the month, stepping out as the leaders of our community gave us a global collective of accountability, support, and loyalty – genuine relationships that would continue to grow and evolve through all the seasons of our business that would follow. 

And, it wasn’t just us.

We still hear stories about folks who met through the challenge, who have gone on to collaborate, travel, and create together. Even 3 years later, it serves as a reminder that effort online translates to impact, offline. Those stories remain our "reason."

Our business – and our life – has seen so many shapes and seasons since that fateful day in January: buying a house in Tulum, Mexico (and then moving across the continent to live there). Launching it as a hospitality destination (and then selling it, after 2 successful years). Pursuing our US Visa (and following our dreams to Los Angeles). Launching an online membership community (filled with so many of the entrepreneurs who found us from that first challenge). 

This story is proof that genuine relationships are the key to long-term, enduring success. Steadfast support, in any season. A sense of security and longevity that’s seldom found in the age of online entrepreneurship.

Our brand is only as strong as the network we’ve built and the community we’ve cultivated, through it – so today, we teach creative leaders how to do the same.


I'm a prolific content creator, social media expert, and passionate online leader – but I'm even more obsessed with cultivating presence and purpose offline.

I believe that the most engaging content happens off screen, and that committing to online growth doesn't mean committing to an online life. As creative leaders and digitally-based business owners, the way we interact with the world outside of our phones actually informs the quality – and longevity – with which we can show up to our platforms (and for our people).

My unique approach to content marketing uses social media as a tool to call in community online, while creating opportunities to nurture that community offline. 

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My Personal Style Is Best Described As "90s Dad Who Just Discovered TikTok," And Hot Takes Are My Love Language.

What I'm 


A little practice I like to call "the creative check-in." Every day I ask myself 3 questions: what can I create for me today? What is my primary purpose today? Where can I have impact today?

What I'm 


The joy of being in my own company. All things habits, mindset, and manifestation. Creative ways to drink more water. That accountability and spontaneity can co-exist. 

What I'm 

not about

Posting-for-the-sake-of-posting. Movie Theaters. Mortadella. Riding a bicycle. Waiting in line. Any course that promises to show you the exact formula for success in anything, ever. 

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There's no problem in business (or life) that having an intentional support system of genuine, aligned relationships won't solve. Environment changes everything. The best investments you can make in yourself are the ones that give you your time back.

the frank

To be clear, I’m absolutely not the prolific content creator around here. (But I’m a big fan.)

As the more-behind-the-scenes half of Oh Sierra, I am passionate about creating memorable experiences as the driver of our dream to cultivate creative community offscreen.

I believe in communicating with depth and purpose, the power of the written word, and that too many business owners are prone to downplaying the true possibility behind their dreams. We are at our best when we’re pursuing big ideas and bold paths forward. (And having more than a little fun along the way.)

You’re most likely to find me at happy hour where the palm trees grow, with a good glass of wine in hand.

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A Former News Editor Turned Communicator Turned Creative Business Owner Turned Hospitalitarian. (It’s a lot.)

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Los Angeles. Same-Day Round-Trip Flights. Chilled Red Wine. Monocle. Remembering The Thing Everyone Else Forgot. Belgian Tripels. Just Never Seeing Snow, Honestly.

What I'm 


The art of embracing moments as they are handed to us. Flexibility + ease. To run 5k faster than I have before. Checking your inbox is rarely the answer. How to fly a plane (coming soon).

What I'm 

not about

Word salad. Settling. Selective ignorance. Surface-level anything. Being “busy”. Thinking small.

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If you don’t like the story you’re in, write a new one. There is richness and fun to be found in life that goes far beyond what you do for work. Make a plan — and make the leap.


We work with creatives and brands who are ready to lead authentically, bravely, and strategically, online and everywhere.

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Our online presence is a steady dose of unfiltered entrepreneurship, spicy takes on content marketing, big LA energy, doing FUN sh*t in community, doing ALL sh*t on our own terms, the tasty side of travel, our sunny house in Echo Park... and romanticizing everything, along the way. It's often unhinged, always honest, and forever a f*cking good time.