Our team is located across North America, connected through a digital agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity. Our professional backgrounds reach beyond graphic design into the worlds of hospitality management and communications, journalism, public relations, culinary media, food styling, and recipe development. We unite these unique skills and perspectives within an inclusive, welcoming environment that makes good sh*t – and good times – happen for you.


a journalist, a Concierge and a food stylist walk into a bar.

XANTHE Appleyard

Partner and Creative Director

Xanthe is bubbly-but-down-to-business, encouraging everyone she engages with to access their full potential with confidence, humour, and curiosity. She marries a talent for compassionate communication with a taste for breaking the rules, fostering strong collaborative relationships and making creative decisions that challenge industry standards. 

At happy hour, she’s drinking natural wine (with a shot of bourbon on the side, if it’s Friday).

Frank Appleyard

Partner and Managing Director

A journalist by passion, communicator by nature, and strategist by choice, Frank has spent his life studying the world and the brands + leaders that shape it. He has an eye for detail and a love for compelling stories, paired with a knack for behind-the-scenes organization that keeps everything running smoothly.

At happy hour he’s drinking a New York Sour or a crisp draught beer – and, do you have snacks?


Director of Operations and Hospitality

Equal parts artistic eye and organizational sense, Sandy shifts seamlessly between creative direction, project management and client support. Sandy’s skills include food styling, photography and recipe development, with her deep connection to the hospitality industry guiding both our client work and our boutique-hotel recommendations.

At happy hour, she’s drinking a Vermouth Spritz with an olive (but wishing she ordered iced tea)



As one half of our New York City design team, Racquel blends her passion for art and entrepreneurship to create inspired work for inspiring businesses. With an incredible talent for illustration, Racquel’s hand-drawn art brings brands and websites to life with a delicate touch and a clear vision. 

At happy hour, she’s drinking a dressed up G&T. Rosemary? Perhaps. Lavender? Absolutely.

toni antonucci


The other half of Oh Sierra’s NYC design team, Toni’s approach is grounded in the knowledge and understanding of clients’ passions + personalities. Experimenting with typefaces and layouts, Toni brings a sense of bold exploration to every concept, and her obsession for vintage labels and posters ties classic aesthetic with contemporary appeal.

At happy hour, she’s drinking red wine – unless there's anything elderflower on the menu.


Marketing Lead

Hayley is Oh Sierra’s digital marketing lead and go-to for pretty-much-everything. Her seemingly-endless creative and digital-marketing skill set sees her involved in projects at all stages. Combined with a passion for visual aesthetics and photography, Hayley’s knowledge in digital marketing ensures no brand ever gets lost in the online crowd.

At happy hour, she’s drinking an Aperol Spritz, baby!


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