“With ease of use, a myriad of font options, the way it saves your brand colours (how thoughtful) – this new email marketing platform is making list building and sales funnels *cute* again.”

Meet Flodesk: The Best Email Marketing Tool and Your New Best Friend

Online businesses need online marketing. Seems pretty obvious, no?

And yet – there are many online marketing tools out there that actually make things *not* super obvious, and *kinda* super complicated. 

Flodesk isn’t one of them. 

We’re directing all of our clients towards this platform, for no other reason than that it actually changed our perception of email marketing. 

We hesitated to even start a mailing list for two years, because we just weren’t satisfied with the software we’d tried (which was… a FEW). It felt wrong (and tedious) to design an email, landing page or a lead magnet if it couldn’t do our vibe justice. But, we kept hearing over and over, you don’t own your followers, you own your mailing list. And that’s a compelling argument. 

But, the options! Overwhelming, yet… underwhelming

With ease of use, a myriad of font options, the way it saves your brand colours (how thoughtful) – this new email marketing platform is making list building and sales funnels *cute* again. 

Raise a hand if you’re a business owner and you’ve outright cursed as you tried to link a product from your email, wondering why the eff it has to take 2 hours and about 850 clicks JUST to point your clients where they already want to go. 

Orrrr you’re a design-conscious creative just trying to send something pretty to your people, but you’re left Googling whether the platform’s last update happened before the internet. 

Honestly, maybe you just *know* it’s time to get into the email marketing game, but you’re freaked out with all the different options available and need someone to tell you where to turn.

Yeah. It’s a harsh world out there. But, NO MORE. 

Enter: Flodesk. 

If you’re wondering why we’re so obsessed, here’s a few highlights:

  • User friendly (drag and drop, no coding, highly customizable but-you-don’t-have-to)
  • Easy to brand (upload logos, brand colours, images – super duper easy)
  • FAST (SO FAST) (Like, start allotting 15 minutes to your next email design, for reals)
  • Pre-made layouts and templates (that you can easily make your own but-you-don’t-have-to)
  • WAY more cute fonts than ANY competitor (this is what got us hooked, if we’re being honest)
  • Easy integration with social media (your feed can pull in AUTOMATICALLY)
  • Beautiful landing page designs (a landing page is the holy grail of list building, freebies, ENGAGING content – tutorial coming soon!)
  • Direct links to products, shop, web links
  • Seamless list building + organizing
  • Create incredibly simple opt-in + welcome workflows
  • One monthly rate, UNLIMITED contacts/designs/pages – finallyyyyyy!

If you have an online business, it’s time to dive into email marketing. 
If you need email marketing, for heck’s sake, do it in FloDesk. 

We wanted to go big, reach our people, empower through education-based blog posts (like this one) and build our community by giving you easier access to beautiful content that serves them.

We’re thinkin’ you want to do that, too. 

Lucky thing is, we have a pretty fancy discount link if you’re hoping to snag 50% off your subscription, because we care deeply about your email marketing experience and being “an affiliate” makes us feel very cool. 

Questions about how to get started?

Our inbox is always open (and it’s so much prettier, now).

April 14, 2020

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