5 language shifts that will change your business


The way we talk about ourselves, our business, and those around us, MATTERS. This is what holds us back and keeps us small…

5 Language Shifts That Will Change Your Business

The way we talk about ourselves, our businesses, and those around us MATTERS. 

THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE STUFF that holds you back and keeps you small — we see it all the time, and place an emphasis on encouraging the humans we work with to rethink their narratives *before* even embarking on a design collaboration. 

Below, we’re sharing the 5 language shifts that will change your business – we promise, because they’ve completely altered the way we perceive our experience as business owners.

Instead of “I’m Busy…”

Try “my days are full.

Instead of “That’s expensive…”

Try, “that’s so valuable.

Instead of, “I want to…”

Try, “I’m going to.”

Instead of “I don’t have time…”

Try, “it’s not a priority.

Instead of “I’m not ready…”

Try, “I’m still seeking support.”

Small shifts add up to big moves. 

Try one, today? 

March 22, 2021

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