how to overcome social media stagefright


Can you reach your full potential without marketing yourself? No. Can you learn how to do it in a way that feels genuine and doesn’t make you cringe? YES…

4 Steps to Overcome Social Media Stage Fright

If there’s one thing we know for CERTAIN, it’s that even some of the most ambitious business owners hate — LIKE HAAAATE — talking about themselves online. 

And yet. 


Funny how that goes. 

Our clients often express fears in terms of showing up on social media to promote themselves — and duh, cause it’s effing scary. 

If you’re gritting your teeth reading this thinking, “I can NOT market myself without feeling tacky!”


Can you reach your full potential without marketing yourself? 


Can you learn how to do it in a way that feels genuine and doesn’t make you cringe? YES. 

Below, you’ll find our guide to overcome social media stage fright and master self-promotion that won’t feel sleazy.

01. Don’t force it.

When you’re inspired, roll with it. When you’re feeling blocked – honour that. Your audience can always tell when your heart isn’t in it, but they’ll never hold it against you if you take a day off or a break here and there. 

02. Release fear of scrutiny.

The more you grow, the more chance there is that someone might disagree with you. Instead of fearing failure, embrace the momentum of support. Put yourself out there to be encouraged. Let the haters hate. 

03. Remember why you matter.

You know better than anyone why your work matters. It is up to you to start explaining it to your people, no one will describe your value like you can. 

04. Stop thinking about service.

Your offer is more than a service. Start thinking about the feelings that your audience associates with you. Share more about the intangible through stories, testimonials, and honest conversations. 

If this all sounds fine and dandy but you don’t know where to begin, our *FREE* 30 Day Challenge is crafted to slowly but surely help you learn how to show up confidently on social media, while engaging with your audience and growing your community. 

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March 15, 2021

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