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5 Essential Email Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs

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If you’re a creative entrepreneur owner stuck drowning in email-thread-overwhelm and are finding it impossible to keep track of client exchanges, manage client expectations, stay on top of timelines, and set boundaries – hiiii. We hear you, we’ve been there.

In order for your creative business to find success, your client experience not only needs to be solid – it needs to be efficient. Putting these email templates for creative entrepreneurs into action will streamline your client experience and change your whole world. We know, because they changed ours.

You know you offer an immense amount of value to your clients, but your client systems are out of whack, stretching you too thin, and *not* resulting in referrals, leads, and dream-clients-galore. You’re on the fast-track to burnout and you’re feeling beat down by the business YOU built.

If you’ve invested time + energy + literal money into building your creative business only to struggle to gain and retain paying clients, here’s why:

Developing a strong creative agency brand is reliant in having impactful systems that connect your client experience to not just the value of your brand, but your brand’s values.

A beautiful brand identity and communications strategy will help you determine what those values are, but it’s next-level-important to also understand how to integrate them into the ways you show up within your brand.

When we first started Oh Sierra, our client processes were all over the map. We felt scattered, and honestly… resentful. In an effort to get a handle on alllll the moving pieces (and combat the excessive inbox overwhelm we we were constantly experiencing), we developed on-brand email templates for every touchpoint. These email templates for creative entrepreneurs are designed to help you spend less time drowning in your inbox, and more time working on changing your clients’ lives.

5 Email Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. The Welcome + Onboard Email Template

  • WHAT IT IS: After your client has said a big “heck yes!” to working with you, it’s time to welcome them on board. This email shares more information about your business, what they can expect from your work together, and gets them feeling SUPER HYPED about all the fun that’s about to go down.
  • WHY IT MATTERS: Nothing adds value to a big investment (in time or money!) like feeling celebrated. By making sure your client knows you’re thinking about them, and how thrilled you are to be embarking on this project together, they’ll know they’re in great hands and will be feeling all warm + fuzzy for the next steps.

2. The Timeline + Expectations Email Template

  • WHAT IT IS: An email that explains the timeline of your working relationship, as well as any associated deadlines, preferred methods of communication, meetings, or other touch points that require action on yours or their part.
  • WHY IT MATTERS: Being explicit about project expectations (and having a game-plan, for that matter!) allows you to set boundaries for your business, while also showing your clients that they can trust, rely on, and seek support from you within a container that feels safe + comfortable for all parties.

3. The Feedback + Refinement Email Template

  • WHAT IT IS: Once you’ve steadily been working with your client, there may be an opportunity to receive feedback or further refine whatever it is you’re collaborating on before it “launches,” or the container of work closes. This email sets guidelines and opens up the opportunity for giving feedback in a positive + constructive way.
  • WHY IT MATTERS: Giving and receiving productive feedback can be a challenge for even the most skilled communicators. Setting the stage for a compassionate conversation is going to ensure that your client feels comfortable coming to you with ideas + revisions that will result in a more successful collaboration, overall.

4. The Launch + Offboard Email Template

  • WHAT IT IS: Once your project is wrapping up – what next? This email shows your client how to implement whatever you’ve been working on, as well as suggests natural next-steps for collaborating, together.
  • WHY IT MATTERS: Not only is it in your best interest to foster an ongoing relationship with your client, it’s SO important to ensure they are feeling confident + prepared to share your collaboration with the world. Here, they’ll be able to seek clarity on how to best showcase your collaboration, and you can provide guidance, positioning yourself as a trusted expert, and supporter for the long-haul.

5. The Follow-up + Testimonial Template

  • WHAT IT IS: This final touchpoint is an opportunity to check-in with your client, as well as gain insight into their experience working with you through their testimonial.
  • WHY IT MATTERS: Feedback is the spice of LIFE. Understanding how your client perceived your experience together gives you ample material to attract more dream clients – through positive testimonials *and* constructive suggestions for how to improve your process. This is also a lovely way to reconnect with your client and opens the floor for new collaborations.

We know – this all sounds lovely, but how are you even going to find the time to create these emails, *AND* make them sound on-brand?

Don’t worry, friend. We made actual templates, too.

Yes, we went ahead and created this series of *actual* email templates for creative entrepreneurs that you can modify to suit your unique client process. Also, you can have them for free by dropping your info in the form below.

Once you receive the email, all you’ll need to do is swap out a few words to make them your own, and sleep REAL WELL tonight knowing you can *finally* start delivering on a client experience that reflects your value.


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