Styling Ambition

Nicole Otchy // Brand Identity and Website Design

Nicole Otchy transforms female leaders into confident, successful change-makers through research-based, brand-focused personal styling, with an emphasis on empowerment and growth. While the brand needed to explore a sense of Nicole’s own personal style, it is also important to show her clients that their hopes, dreams, desires, and ambitions can be reflected back the at them, by not being overly imposing or suggestive. Cool neutrals with a deep plum tone offer a calming overall feel with an element depth. The plum tone, especially, seeks to provide a signature element that is uniquely Nicole – paired with more subtle tones for an overall approach that feels laid back and elegant. Subtle bespoke elements throughout the brand design add a sense of luxury and charm that encapsulates the way Nicole works, with visuals that will carry forward as her brand continues to elevate.

Learn more about Nicole and view the live Showit website design here.

January 6, 2021


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