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Samantha MacKinnon // Brand Design

Supporter, Collaborator, Strategist

Samantha MacKinnon blends sophisticated strategy with get-shit-done execution, allowing creatives + coaches to seamlessly scale their businesses while avoiding burnout. This brand suite offers Sam an opportunity for her personality to shine – bold, self-assured, intentional, with just-the-right hint of play, if you look close enough. Nuances are integral, using her logo type as a place to hide thoughtful meaning, hinting at your attention to detail, and offering a space to showcase your charm and creativity while remaining timeless and uncomplicated. Moody tones with subtle contrast evoke emotion, allowing Sam’s audience to easily recognize the brand, while still feeling minimalist + mature. Creative, without being playful or juvenile. Sophisticated, without feeling stuffy or stern. With services that offer a juxtaposition of deep + effective strategy with adventurous, outside-the-box execution, brand imagery offers offering a sense of wisdom + calm, along with play and adventure.

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