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Smart By Design Home Automation // Brand Identity

Smart by Design Home Automation Inc. creates endless options for residents to develop simplified control of their in-home technology. From sound, lighting, security, networking, and beyond, Smart by Design allows for the user to manage everything in one hub. This offers maximum ease of use, peace of mind, and simplicity – while enhancing quality of life + overall living experience. Minimalist and modern, with a twist – with a pop of deep red to improve brand recognition and stand out in the technology space. Brand imagery should speak to the aesthetic preference of the audience, with clean, modern design, innovative and stylish ideas, and inspirational projects that allow them to visualize what’s possible. The brand icons are clean and clever, while typography reflects a lifestyle, elevated – a sophisticated, aspirational feel, paired with uncomplicated logo layouts.

Website Launching Soon.

January 6, 2021

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