5 first investments to make in your creative business


Your success is a direct product of the support you surround yourself with – ESPECIALLY when you’re first getting started…

The First 5 Investments to Make in Your Creative Business

 “Self-made,” is a myth. 

Your success is a direct product of the support you surround yourself with – ESPECIALLY when you’re first getting started. In this post, we’re sharing the first 5 investments to make in your creative business. 

When you invest in your own business, not only do you get a head start on CREATING MORE and STRESSING LESS, you show your clients that you value yourself – and in turn, they will, too.

01. Education

And by this we mean, the unconventional kind! If you don’t have a “formal,” education in your creative field, don’t sweat it – being self-taught demonstrates all kinds of talent and resourcefulness. GOOD ON YA. But, “self-taught,” doesn’t mean “not-taught,” so investing in online courses and communities that teach you how to show up as your best creator is an amazing foundation to build your business upon. Think courses that offer you the tools to hone your craft, or help you to establish solid client systems.
We’ve Invested In // Branding with Bre, Designed to Thrive Collective

02. Coaching and Mentorship

Mindset can make or break a business, and the power of having someone believe in you is unparalleled. You know all those icky, weird, confusing, frustrating client situations you’ve been dealing with? The limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your potential? The questions you want to ask, but can’t seem to find the answer on Google? It feels like anyone you try to vent to just doesn’t quite *get* it. Investing in a coach or mentor brings someone onto your team who has been in your shoes, knows what you’re going through, and can offer tangible support, resources, and tools, to deal with everything you’re facing in your business, on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about our Mentorship Program here.

03. Client Management Software

Communication is essential to developing a creative business with longevity (and positive referrals!). Investing in client management software is an amazing way to ensure your systems are solid, and communication can flow easily between you and your clients as you collaborate. 

Our Team is Using // Dubsado, Clickup

04. Admin Outsourcing

If you’re a creative brain, chances are you’re wishing you spent more time making artful magic than poring over your expense reports. Do your zone of genius a favor and find a solid bookkeeper, accountant, and lawyer to have on your roster so that you can spend your brain power on what you do best. 

05. Operations Management + Strategic Marketing

Once you’ve established clear systems, shed the administrative headaches, and have a coach in your corner who is helping you set *big* goals, it’s time to start stacking your in-house team with organized thinkers who can help you make those goals happen. Consider bringing on an operations manager who can help execute client communication and organize your internal systems, while you work alongside a strategic marketing expert who can build out your long-term marketing plan and set targets with your continued growth in mind.

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March 8, 2021

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