Thanks for joining us for Cocktail Q&A! Here’s our recipe for a fresh, citrusy, gin cocktail.

Thirsty? Try our Gin and Blood Orange cocktail.

The Cat Scratch Gin and Blood Orange Cocktail

Inspired by unexpected, yet VERY real events, this gin and blood orange cocktail is our ode to Frank, who always seems to get hurt while saving the Oh Sierra fam from some kind of silly predicament. LOL. But, enough about that. You’ve got drinkin’ to get to…

gin and blood orange cocktail

The Cat Scratch Cocktail


1 oz gin
0.25 oz fresh clementine juice
0.25 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz sparkling blood orange Italian soda
Garnish with clementine wheel, and cute snipping from the garden


1. Add gin, clementine juice and lime juice in serving glass over ice.

2. Top with blood orange Italian soda.

3. Garnish with clementine wheel and floral or herbal snipping of your choice.

4. Enjoy. And next time you try to save a cat, buy it dinner first.

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April 30, 2021

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