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So you invested in a beautiful new brand identity design, and all you got was a bunch of files you have no idea what to do with…

5 Steps to Success After Investing in Brand Design

So you invested in a beautiful new brand identity design, and all you got was a bunch of files you have no idea what to do with. OH, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. What we see people struggling with the most is the “cool, what now?” That comes after a big launch or a stunning visual brand has been delivered.

In this blog, we’re sharing 5 simple steps to guarantee success after investing in brand design.

A brand identity — no matter how beautiful — without a “what now?” strategy is, honestly, just a waste of your hard-earned money. Do you have a plan to keep making sh*t happen when the confetti settles?

Below, you’ll find 5 ideas to help you find success after you’ve invested in a brand identity design.

  1. Perfect the systems for your client experience. 

How do your brand values, attributes, and tone impact the way your audience interacts with your brand?

  1. Develop presentations, canned emails, and team communication to align with your new brand. 

Your brand should be felt and understood by everyone who comes into contact with it. Here’s how to get your brand setup on Canva, if you’re DIY-ing your design assets!

  1. Get started on building your mailing list, like, yesterday. 

Your brand can only survive with a group of real humans who support it. Get started with this post here, and learn more about Flodesk, the platform we use here

  1. Consider a Pinterest strategy, or any other platforms that will amplify your brand on a larger scale. 

Choose a platform that makes sense for your industry and audience. Learn more about how to make a profit on Pinterest here

  1. Develop content buckets that directly align with your mission. 

Develop your message first, always. Visuals grab attention, but are only effective with valuable content that supports them. Nervous about showing up on social? Combat social media stage fright with these easy tools.

If you’re feeling uneasy or unprepared — deep breaths.
We’ve been there.
We’re here for you. 

Our brand experience process is designed to help you think ambitiously into the “what’s next,” so that you and your brand aren’t left all-dressed-up-with-nowhere-to-go.

Contact us here and let’s start making sh*t happen, together.

April 5, 2021

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